City Sketch

City Sketch


What are the differences between synchronic and diachronic methods of perception?

The rest of the essay was easy to understand I was also wondering how this all relates to the next project? I guess I will find out on Monday.


I really struggled with the concept of this project because I don’t really work with text designs. I didn’t realize that there was two separate sets of group images. I thought one image had to have a direct play on works/images and the other had to be in a group of five. With one idea that could set off a debate or have a very contrasting idea. Some liberties where taken out of this confusion. 

 “A Beautiful Human Being” is a very sensitive topic at first I wanted to portray the struggles with body images and what society idealizes as the perfect human shape type. I had one image of a very skinny girl looking at the mirror and seeing a chunkier version of herself. This girls anorexia in the image was very obvious. I didn’t want to put “A Beautiful Human Being” over this image because I didn’t want to glorify her mental illness. This same thought carried through when showing cancer, war heros with PTSD. With that being said I don’t think I could capture all the different types of Beauty in Humanity in all 7-8 billion people on Earth.

The “You Are What You Eat” goldfish image i had a lot of fun with simply because of the humor within it I think I could of expanded on this idea more with other images.The color scheme was one of the stronger points in the piece.