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Does art always have to contain some in depth meaning is it still art if someone does something for fun because they can?

Does a selection of art from a certain time in history reflect the values and idea’s from a society better than looking at a single artist’s collection?

what makes art unique or are people just trying to reinvent the wheel?


Performance Art-Tech Lab activity

Performance Art-Tech Lab activity

At first I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the page of performance art instructions, touch the wall, drink a liter of water scream at the sky,wall etc. I am not the sort of person who enjoys performance art. But, as I listened to my friends and peers bounce idea’s off each other I began to change my mind. working in a group was really fun with this project. And bouncing idea’s off of each other really is a amazing way to learn about the topic at hand as well as about the people around you. I think that even talking about what we were planning to do made people uncomfortable and one person even moved away from us and walked on the other side of the street.