Self Critique

I wanted to convey cultural art appropriation based around the idea of how we explore the idea of how we capture and express the idea of who we are through art. In order to do so I contrasted paintings of the renaissance to the modern”selfie” photo capture. The modern way to express yourself and what you do most often is in the form of social media. In contrast to the fast modern world renaissance portraits where only done on the royals or rich nobles not the everyday middle class people.

In my first project I learned so much about Photoshop both in class and looking at tutorial from various sources online. I like how it turned out and I enjoy the contrast between the bright colors and the mellow color scheme of Lady with the Unicorn by Raphael Sanzio. However I wish that I had a set color scheme as I think that it turned out to be too wild.I also blotched the side of the woman’s shoulder and arm so it looks really messy. I enjoyed working on this project I think that I expressed the main idea well.


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